OREV markets irrigation systems in Denmark. We work with the most advanced high-end equipment in the market.

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OREV offers sales, installation, service and worldwide consulting.

If you need a professional and reliable solution for agricultural irrigation, please contact us ateMailor our office address:
Vestre Kongevej 7
8260 Viby J, Denmark.
Phone. +45 86 10 71 37
Mobile: +45 26 74 71 37.

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OREV distributes Netafim’s Irrigation products and systems for open field crops, greenhouses, orchards, landscape and industry.

Sprinklers & micro-sprinklers for open fields, nurseries, greenhouse and garden irrigation.

System accessories
Filters, electric valves, irrigation controllers, pipes, fittings, etc.

Drippers & dripperlines
– Compensating & non-compensating drippers: PCJ, CNL
– Dripperlines: UniRam AS, DripNet PC, Streamline, Techline.
All of Netafim’s products can be ordered from OREV.

GreenApp controller for small irrigation systems
Bermad has a new wireless (Bluetooth) single-valve controller. The controller is perfect for small-scale irrigation systems & landscape projects.

The complete system (solenoid valve and control unit) communicates with your mobile phone (iPhone or Android based) via Bluetooth technology – there is no need for physical contact between the user and the valve (up to 10 m distance). The unit is IP67 certified for water resistance and the battery can last up to a year. The downloadable app is free and can control multiple valves from the same smart phone.

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Our preferred suppliers are:


montage copyTechline drip irrigation ensuring precise amount of water to each plant.

montage copyAqua PRO smart valve irrigation controller.

nmc-pro-orev-drypvandingNMC-PRO advanced controller for small to midrange applications.

montage copyPressure compensated and non-pressure compensated dripperlines.

montage copyBridgeless micro emitter eliminates dripping.

montage copyMixRite (by Tefen) precision-made dosing injectors/pumps operate on hydraulic pressure alone.

montage copyWater meters & water valves by ARAD.

montage copyGreenApp controller for small irrigation systems.

montage copyPaskal manufactures roller hooks, tomato clips, net connectors and other smart products.

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To our customers, suppliers og partners

OREV has decided to change its power supply to green energy. This means that all electricity consumed by our warehouse facility will be delivered by wind turbines and other sustainable sources of energy. With this our warehouse facility becomes as sustainable as our office at Vestre Kongevej which has been running on green energy for the past 3 years.

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